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Small spaces open up to me where a certain time and a certain few people make a brief interlude in my life. The beginning of this summer has been one such time. My glorious little household in New York has been scattered to the four winds – Barbara to Croatia, Talia back up the Russian River in California and I continue my search for answers to questions that I don’t understand, across oceans and continents. Adrienne stays in New York and laments our desertion. I make Barbara and Talia promise to return whenever I make my forays back into the city. Every great album needs interludes.

Last nights together in the city.

New York | July, 2011


At the edge of real

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At the edge of real

Modern mythology

You’ve heard all this before, you’ve seen it

I am the same story-teller, scribe, as through the ages

You’ve seen all this before


The sublime, memory, thought

Balanced at the knife-edge of the real and unreal

Lost Souls

May 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Trying to make some sense of the days
Now that they’re all good
Every little thing that they say
Well you know they could
She lies to console
For she cries for all the lost souls

You, you know we’re gone
We’re all so lost, lost

Said I couldn’t get out of bed
Is that the law
Every little thing that I said
You just can’t ignore
She lies to console
For she cries for all the lost souls

You, you know we’re gone
Cos we’re all so lost
You, you know it’s gone, gone

~ Doves

At work

February 28, 2010 § Leave a comment

"Ying Ang on assignment" © Talia Herman

"Talia Herman on assignment" © Ying Ang

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