Middle path 2008

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H. Valamanesh


Farsi love


Love me

Sydney, Australia – Art Gallery of New South Wales

Iran/Australia b1949

Middle path 2008
saffron on paper

“Hossein Valamanesh’s work often draws on Iranian culture – in particular Iranian poetry and the Sufi mystic tradition. In Middle path 2008, the artist has handwritten the word for ‘love’ in Farsi script, repeating it over and over in an act of concentration and dedication. The text is written in saffron, the precious spice derived from the crocus flower and grown and used for thousands of years in Iran.

Only the centre of the scroll is displayed, as the word for ‘love’ appears boldly and strongly at the beginning before it gently fades and then re-emerges. The work was part of the exhibition No love lost, whose title, rather than suggesting conflict, refers to the importance of retaining love – of not letting any love go. Middle path evokes love as a cyclical and continuous process – part of the human condition – as it fades and, with care and attention, returns as strongly as before.”


Between Here and There

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Port Sandfield, Canada – a cottage by the lake.


A journey.

Beaded moments strung together on a necklace full of charms.

Yesterday’s leftovers, today’s tyranny, this is the something in between.

The path I walked toward you and followed back home again.

Somewhere in the early morning fog.

Between here and there.

Significance in retrospect

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Port Sandfield, Canada – a cottage by a lake.


It is only when a moment feels lost that the memory of it takes on significance.


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