2012 endings and beginnings

January 26, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m leaving WordPress for different pastures… One that I feel has a greater and more engaged community, not to mention a less clumsy interface. If you haven’t joined Tumblr, I  recommend it, if only to follow the rapidly increasing population of curators and tastemakers from every web connected corner of the globe. There is an expanding wealth of knowledge and photography abound, one that I have enjoyed enormously being a part of MJR’s All The Things We Love!

Thanks for reading, hope you will continue to follow, observe and engage at Post Halcyon II 🙂 and a happy Chinese New year!


*This blog will remain up indefinitely to serve as an archive of old thoughts.


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There is a very precarious tightrope that one treads as a professional photographer in the field of Documentary and Photojournalism… It’s where on one side, there is a steep drop to a net of genuine and truthful concern, and on the other, an even steeper and much more vicious drop to the rocky spikes of congratulatory self-righteousness and false bravado.

When an “issue” concerns me, or perhaps I should say, when a particular subject strikes my interest, I seek out a way to reinterpret it both visually and poetically. Often times, I am drawn to ideas that are cultural, sociological, anthropological… I am interested in the consequences of our collective follies and the reasons behind them… Seduced by the aesthetics of modern man and the skewed value system is that largely responsible for the lopsided world we are forced to contend with today.

I photograph because I love things, am mad about things, find things funny, am overwhelmed by a pending sense of nostalgia, a need to share things and have a nod of the head in return by my peers to know that I don’t stand alone in this world feeling like this.

If I do turn my attentions to the blood that is spilt by our more hardened counterparts, militia, mercenaries, the poor and disenfranchised, it’s because I also want you to turn your attention to them. Not to me. Feeling good about how “brave” or “intrepid” or “selfless” I am for approaching such loaded issues is the last way that I want to feel. Leaves me kinda cold and dirty… like I need a bath.

Pay attention if you care. Move on if you don’t. Either way, my part is done and I can only hope that the work resonates somehow on the more forgiving drop from the tightrope.

How it ends

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My pieces of 2010.

Some video, some stop-motion, some slideshow, some highs, some lows, some revelations:

ICP and beyondMy year at the International Centre of Photography, New  York

Pre-GamesWhen friends come over for the party before the party

In the early AMHeading downtown in a cab, late one night/early one morning with Ling

Sneak peekA cracked window on how I like to “work”

Escape to Fort MyersBrief respite from New York in Florida

InsomniaNo sleep in April

LossI lost someone

Getting personalUnderstanding what it means to be separate

From England to AustraliaJourneying away on wobbly post-ICP legs

x Ying + Ling



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