In two days…

May 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

… I shall be on the road again, slowly making my way back to Home #2. It’s been 6 months since I’ve cruised down the concrete ribbon pavements of Manhattan on my wiry, 2-wheeled crimson steed. I miss it. The clamour of the city beating on my window, the madness of my friends, the photography community – ever vibrant, ever comical, ever passionate.

In two days, I’ll be firmly ensconced within the ill-fitting polyester seats of a giant airborne vessel, en route to Singapore with enough time for one swim, one meeting and one night of blathering away with a close and very funny Brian. 30 hours later, another check-in, en route to Roma Fiumicino, six days of intensified Reflexions Masterclass before boarding one last flight to arrive in the fabled arms of my hard and dirty love, New York.

Two days from now, 30 hours of air time, 6 plane snacks and one week of photo-talk later, I’ll be at Home #2 again, stale, weary, excited with a head full of crits and a tune on my lips…


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