November 18, 2010 § 1 Comment


(Arrangement of a scene:
thunderstorm of madness
I raised my head and I saw no one)

© Justin Maxon

Few photographers have moved me and captivated me in their vision as much as Justin Maxon. If you see his earlier work and the places where his mind has been, to the places where he is reaching for, the age-old dichotomy and struggle of good vs evil, war vs peace, dark vs light becomes clear. Recently selected to participate at the World Press Photo Masterclass, Justin set for himself a new task – to break through the madness and the thunderstorm and to take solace for a moment in the sun. I remember speaking with him for hours about this… the idea of filling your life with the anguish of others because it’s all the reality you know, or perhaps… something different. Perhaps it’s just as important to balance the darkness with its lighter counterpart, to photograph with sincerity and heartbreaking earnestness all that you might have hoped for, all that you might want to live for. It takes enormous courage to hope. I’ve found that fewer and fewer people are willing to openly throw off the mantle of cynicism for fear of being vulnerable and ridiculed, for fear of losing street cred. Justin hopes… and if he has fear of it, I have yet to see him succumb… and we, as his audience, are better for it.

Slow down…Breathe…Only this life

© Justin Maxon

© Justin Maxon

© Justin Maxon

© Justin Maxon

© Justin Maxon

© Justin Maxon

© Justin Maxon


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  • Hélène Id says:

    Seeing other people’s courage & hope and parallel their images (such simple and rich product of those) will certainly help us to improve little, cosecutive moments of happiness in our life. Compliments to Justin -so disapponted for you not being in RM 😦 – and to those who are sincerely spreading him!!

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