September 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Because I’d rather be real than artificially beautiful. Empowered and single than impotent and reliant. Purposeful and actualised than successful by the ideals of others, justified by the excuse of winds that were too strong to navigate. I would rather live an authentic and examined life than one of blindsided ignorance and constructed falsehoods.

I find myself here. Laid bare.


Single, check. Defiantly self-employed, check. Still full with the conviction that I am on the right path! How strange. With very little validation, I photograph and obsessively collect places and people preserved in 1/500sec fragments of time. A personal record, evidence of life around me. That they lived once, these people with their sad eyes and old souls. And if they lived, then so did I, the counter-point to the frozen moment, the hidden spectre orchestrating, machinating, coaxing the vulnerable, the softness, the deep flowering of emotions that lie just beneath our exoskeleton of skin, to simmer over… to give it to me, like the handing over of a secret, from a warm dark place.



§ One Response to Stock-take

  • Brenda Bravo says:

    girl, I think I’m falling in love with you… haha.. but seriously- your words are beautiful and inspiring and make me feel better for not settling. Being single can be tough sometimes, but we are some strong ass bitches! And self-love should always prevail over infatuation… as difficult as it may be for hopelessly romantic artists.

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