The edge of the sea

February 5, 2009 § Leave a comment

img_6764Mumbai, India – at the edge of the Arabian Sea


I arrived late last night. It’s my first time in India and I am finding it difficult to suppress the enormous grin that is fighting to struggle free from the confines of my lips so tightly pressed together. I have to do this so I won’t laugh. Making my way alone through a midnight Mumbai and laughing hysterically is likely to attract some unwanted attention, I’m sure. An affinity for this place is working its way through my heart already… and makes me wonder how I was ever Singaporean by nationality and association. This place is the antithesis of Singapore! The traffic lights are strictly decorative, for one… 

After much suppressed grinning and pressing my face against the glass to the outside world in relative chaos around me, I am finally ensconced in my room for the night and prepare for a fitfully excited slumber before waking to a Mumbai lit by day. I pull apart the drapes and sleep at the edge of a softly glowing Arabian Sea.

This morning, I stir into wakefulness, yawn, stretch and open my eyes… to be greeted by this:



“There was no such thing as perfect privacy, life was a perpetual concert-hall recital with a captive audience.”

– Rohinton Mistry


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