The constant roam

October 19, 2008 § 4 Comments

Guizhou province, China – enroute from Guiyang to Bijie


I’ve realised that I am perfectly content being alone and in the field, surrounded by friendly strangers and the electricity of discovering the deep unknown; digging through the layers of humanity and seeing more and more how fragile we are and the very base needs that ultimately govern our actions.

In the highlands of Guizhou province, the thin, brisk air, the characteristic carved mountains of old chinese etchings – this is a life that breathes. It is real and earthy, uncensored and fully unadulterated. 

I’m not sure if I could ever give this up… Not when I feel like I’ve just begun on such an incredible journey and everything else has just been the prologue to the rest of my life. That everything has led to this: an open heart, burning curiosity, a pervading sense of solitude, a quick grin (and even quicker laugh), a pen, a notepad, my camera(s), the big, wide world and forever, the constant roam.



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§ 4 Responses to The constant roam

  • Chris says:

    That first photograph is wonderful. The vignetting and overall softness of the image make it seem almost like a memory – still sharp but beginning to show signs of distance. Love it, and it reminds me a little bit of a Holga shot.

    What were you doing in China? I spent a few weeks traveling through Hunan and Guanxi this August and just couldn’t stop shooting.

  • posthalcyon says:

    thanks chris 🙂
    i was in china documenting a travelling medical team in Bijie who were on a cataract surgery mission for a week. It is a very photogenic place, isn’t it… i want to travel more around china i think. the rural highlands are amazing.

  • Chris(tine) says:

    ah! i am jealous… maybe i need to get a job so i can afford to go farther than somewhere i can bike. or just bike really far.

  • posthalcyon says:

    Chris(tine) 🙂 biking to china might be a challenge from where you are… i would consider the job option!

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