Miss Berlin

August 25, 2008 § Leave a comment

Berlin, Germany – various locations


Berlin is still in the throes of adolescence. She has been pummeled into submission repeatedly by regimes held together by the plinths of fear and propaganda and is now just beginning to shake her hair out in a defiant loosing of her liberty. 

The land has history upon history of wars, revolutions, submission and domination, bloodletting and celebration, while the city holds its multi-layered culture close to its heart. Here, there are sub-cultures that still have time to percolate, out of reach from the mass media machine waiting to find the next “movement” to turn into the latest lopsided haircut and skinny jean. 

She is coming out of a fractured and nervous disposition to find herself whole and back in the game. The streets are thronged with short-but-good-time-seekers and a people who are yet forming an idea of who they are within a greater national and international context. 

Berlin: 18 years old, thirsty for adventure and just beginning to get a sense of how glorious adulthood can really be. It shows.







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